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Maxincube provides the full range of services including: Website solutions, Web hosting, E-Mail hosting, E-Commerce hosting, CRM hosting, Blog hosting and Web analysis hosting. With load-balanced equipments and high security policy and realtime backup.
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Apricot Ion and Maxincube founded Apricot Ion Laboratory (or Maxincube Laboratory) on 2006. Which main aims to innovate Thailand information technologies and, with this in mind, Apricot Ion is committed to an ongoing development to offer the best innovation leading your organisation to the revolution that is beyond expectation and would realise all your imagination.
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MIC Laboratory Press (MLP) was founded in 2007 as a not-for-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of Maxincube Co., Ltd. Its mission is to improve the practice of Information Technology in a changing world. MLP does this by serving as a bridge between technical and business paradigm through its innovated blocketronic publications and reach into three markets: technical person, business enterprise, and individual managers.
Website: link will pop-up the new window., a Thailand's stock photos provider, provides photographics solutions and also stock photos solutions.
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