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Apricot Ion Co., Ltd. - a subsidiary of Apricot Group of Companies - was incorporated in November 2001 with an objective to provide services of E-Business Solution for running business of organizations.

Since Information Technology and Internet development now plays a major role in fomenting revolutions in organizations' business worldwide, it is extremely difficult for most organizations to be capable of developing their solution and acquiring expertise in technology to catch up with or even outstrip competitors.

Therefore, Apricot Ion's main aim is to support the development of Information Technology together with the E-Business Solution of the organization. Elaboration on our main aim is as follows:

to produce E-Business Solution for organizations;
to optimize an Information Technology system within the organization to enhance the core competence of the organization;
to develop the organization's expertise in the use of Information Technology as well as to maintain and develop the organization's E-Business Solution continuously.