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4-I is a strategy towards the development of E-Business long-time adopted by Apricot Ion with the aim of optimising customer's benefit. Four-I components that help achieve ever-increasing success in providing high-quality services are: Innovative, Imaginative, Integrable and Intelligence.
Explore how Apricot Ion's 4-I contributes to the development of your organisation.
  At Apricot Ion, all systems are created through the use of state-of-the-art technology. We highly value the importance of R&DThis link will pop-up the new window.system to an organisational development, considering it as a worthwhile investment that would bring long-term benefit both to the customers and to our own organisation. Our laboratoryThis link will pop-up the new window.will work towards analysing newly introduced technologies on a regular basis to ensure best selected technologies are applied to enhance the efficiency of our developing system.
All technologies adopted at Apricot Ion including n-Tier architecture or object-oriented method will be state-of-the-art, requiring high professional skill of our team working staff whose comprehensive and detailed knowledge of such technologies has successfully realised their dream of integrability.
  Online Imagination If you are looking for a powerful E-Business, this section may not be of your interest. But if it is a premium online strategic planning that you really need, we are convinced you should be attracted. With a professional experience of providing online marketing strategies and web analysis to our worldclass customers, we are confident of the progresses we have sucessfully made through the capacity building of our teamwork, with the enlargement of their area of specialisation in maximising online media ROI. And you will learn what it means by "Beyond Imagination".
Making your system a work of art Apricot Ion is grown principally from providing E-Business solutions, including website life cycle management. With such an expertise on “Art and Technology”, Apricot Ion is now positioned as the leader of providing system design that can fully satisfy the requirements of non-IT people.
  Scalable system E-Business system will be designed through the use of n-Tier architecture and object-oriented method which is compact, allowing easy ramp up to larger system in the future.
Long-term cost reduction It is such integrability that would contribute to the short-term system development, yet prompt applicability of an organisation. A system made expandable the same way as a jigsaw puzzle will leave room for future expansion, leading to the reduction in the cost of overall development of a system and low change of system in the long run.
Speeding up ROI Prompt applicability of a system will eliminate the need to wait until the whole system is finished. An organisation could at once benefit from the developed system.
Compatibility with the existing system Not only can the Apricot Ion's newly created system be fitted into the previously developed one, but it will also be compatible with the system developed by other vendors, or with highly efficient system already existed in an organisation.*
* This depends on the capability and limitation of the existing system to be expanded or integrated to the new system.
  A+ guaranteed Apricot Ion assures its customers of A plus-rated working speed, system security and correct data processing.*
Highest-quality spare parts in system development Imagine building an Apricot Ion’s system is like building a large machine. The supply of spare parts for E-Business already made available by our R&D teamThis link will pop-up the new window.will help speed up the building up of a machine with efficiency enhanced in every parts of it.
Innovative leads to Intelligent Are your requirements fully satisfied with the system coverage? You will learn what we offer will always be beyond your expectation.
* Working efficiency of each part will be properly customised to suit each type of system.