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At Apricot Ion, we provide our customers with complete, highly adaptable solutions in custom software development as well as consulting and administration tailored to your specific requirements.

In designing your custom software product we can either work independently or in cooperation with the specialist(s) at your company. Since we are not affiliated with any hardware or software manufacturer, we can design a solution that integrates seamlessly with the existing products and systems you are currently using. Our products are always designed to grow in order to meet the future needs of your business, and to integrate new technological advancements.

We make every effort to stay competitive, and to provide the best possible product and service mix at reasonable prices. We stay abreast of the newest technologies, research and develop technologies at our LaboratoryThis link will pop-up the new window., hire the best experts available for all supported platforms, and maintain a flexible off-shore development force to minimize programming costs.

We realize the importance of completing the project on time and extensive quality control. At Apricot Ion, we have the technical expertise you need.

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Anyway, Apricot Ion staff tries its best to provide information via our website in order that you can clearly visualize the e-business and its benefits you will gain to help you make an important investment decision. The best way that you will have a clear image in your mind is that we provide you with consultant and information contributing to your better decision. If you require further information on e-business and want to know information, trends and situations in order to make a decision, don't hesitate to contact us.

Win-win is Apricot Ion's standpoint that we have toward partners and customers. We believe that the consulting staff's experience in the internet and e-business for over 10 years (since the internet was established in Thailand) will be useful for your organisation to make a good and stable progress. Call us now and in a few days you will be confidently ready for decisions about e-business.