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Apricot Ion's solutions utilizing IT to manage the organization's system efficiently. On the whole, our solutions cover a business system broadly. However, we outlines 3 solutions as follow: -

Paperless & Workflow Solutions
Also known as BPM or Business Process Management. Make your corporate goals and strategies actionable. Link business plans to business processes. Manage your organization’s process life cycle. Reduce the use of paper and replace the use of manual process with Information Technology.
Website Life Cycle Management
Manage website's life cycle starting from strategic marketing planning, website development, website analysis and change management. Using our team experience, analytical tools and lastest development technologies.
Custom Software Development
A complete, highly adaptable solutions in custom software development as well as consulting and administration tailored to your specific requirements.

Anyway, Apricot Ion staff tries its best to provide information via our website in order that you can clearly visualize the e-business and its benefits you will gain to help you make an important investment decision. The best way that you will have a clear image in your mind is that we provide you with consultant and information contributing to your better decision. If you require further information on e-business and want to know information, trends and situations in order to make a decision, don't hesitate to contact us.

Win-win is Apricot Ion's standpoint that we have toward partners and customers. We believe that the consulting staff's experience in the internet and e-business for over 10 years (since the internet was established in Thailand) will be useful for your organisation to make a good and stable progress. Call us now and in a few days you will be confidently ready for decisions about e-business.